About Us

SLPP "RE-NEW" is a company, which is engaged in the Development, Ownership, Realization of Biogas installations and Production-sales of Bio-CNG, Bio- Power and enriched Bio-fertilizer. The company consists of highly qualified team with well experienced Engineers, Biologists & Agronomists who has more than 15 years experience in this sector.

Our Team is a pioneer in terms of Design, Construction, Operations, Service and Consultation of Bio-Energy sector. We are unique and economic in Up gradation of Biogas to Bio CNG with Membrane technology and have In-house world class technologies for Double Membrane Biogas Holder, Biological H2S Scrubber for Biogas and Bio Fertilizer.SLPP "RE-NEW" stands out with its wide range of products and solutions that are tailored to the individual customer's requirements. Thanks to its Full Service contracts, the company is able to offer complete service which includes Project construction under EPC, BOOT/ BOT model, self owning of the plant, operation & maintenance, technical servicing, biological support, producing enriched bio fertilizer and sales.

Authorised OEM of EVONIK membrane base biogas upgradation unit  
Authorised dealer for cri-man for bio gas application equipments