System components and description: It is cloud storage and computing based Virtual Monitoring system specifically designed for optimal operations of Biogas plant. Basic infrastructure is designed on the concept of I-IOT which stands for Industrial Internet of things. In I-IOT various sensors and measurement equipment are connected to each other, central control unit SCADA and to the cloud computer to avail its immense computing and storage power. The central control unit (SCADA) then share data received from sensors with virtual computer machine located on reputed cloud service provider. For Biogas plants we are including more dimensions to cover manual operations like lab analysis, composting procedure by connecting the "Form Input" to the centralized cloud storage and processing. The data received in cloud is them processed for Analysis, developing graphical interface of Monitoring Dashboard, Monthly Reports and action points towards O&M of the plant. Client can designate 2-3 personnel who can access the monitoring dashboard as well as historical data. Each person will receive a Login ID and PW to access dashboard from any where - anytime though web browser. SLPP Re-NEW COMS team on backend will prepare monthly reports for digester health, compost status, equipment status, future requirements and overall plant operations and maintenance summary. These reports will be shared end of every month. For day to day operations, we will recommend feeding schedule, substrate procurement and storage schedule. You will receive notifications for scheduled maintenance as per recommendations given by manufacturer, warranty updates, consumable stock and usage update. The special feature, what we call as "Predictive Maintenance", based on data collected over the period and using Machine Learning Algorithms will predict possible fall out or maintenance requirement before actual shut down.