SLPPRENEW B-DOME Holders is a durable air supported structure specifically designed for the purpose of biogas storage. The unique design allows for variable biogas storage within the inner membrane at constant pressure during gas production and utilization, while the air inflated outer membrane provides gas pressure and protection. Our system provides Flexible covers made of PVC coated Polyester Fabric to meet the high safety standards. With low methane gas permeability, our products ensure that the amount of gas produced goes into Bio-CNG production and power generation without escape into the atmosphere. The Polyester reinforcement ensures very high structural length and optimum flexibility in order to maintain perfect dome adaptation and control of gradual gas expansion.

CATEGORIES 1. Digester mounted double membrane Biogas holder 2. Standalone Double membrane Biogas Holder 3. Single membrane Biogas holders

BENEFITS 1. Excellent Biogas Permeability 2. Good resistance to climate change 3. Flame retardancy treatment 4. Optimum UV resistance