Biogas Upgradation / Bio CNG

SLPP RE NEW BCNG Biogas Upgradation Module based on Hollow Fibre Membrane Technology to upgrade Biogas to Bio-CNG ensuring the national statutory standards for Auto Fuel, Cooking gas and Gas grid connectivity. Our first commercial Upgradation module in South Asia from waste to Bio-CNG installed in 2017. Application of Biogas in a specific way of utilisation depends on technical, economic and legislative factors which are moreover limited by social and locality demand. The utilisation of Biogas for Bio-Methane production represents one of the thriftiest methods to create a fossil free environment and to optimise energy utility.

WHY TO GO WITH SLPP RE NEW BCNG Upgradation technology

  • Lower energy consumption and reduced operating costs

  • No auxiliary materials such as water or sorbents required

  • No emissions into the environment

  • Separation at ambient temperature

  • Low foot prints and short installation times

  • Continuous separation process

  • Simple, modular setup

  • Flexible and easily expanded